Sunday, September 9, 2012

what's up???

So, hopefully this week, Kat will get to do my nails. And, hopefully this weather will be nice enough so i can take pictures of my new home! I know i mentioned it before, but i moved to be closer to Kat. Now if only Alaia and Izaiah would move this way. Hilariously enough, Izaiah and Isaac (its not his first name XD) actually lived close to each other, both dad's run a farm, but Isaac's father only does it as a hobby. Izaiah's father is a full time farmer. But i doubt it will happen....Those two really do prefer the woods. Not me!

How's it been by you guys? OH...also, i'll be going back to Florida soon for my mermaid photoshoot! And two weeks in the sun. I have been working hard on my house and getting it ready...But while i'm gone, Kat is gonna house sit. I leave wednesday btw. Hopefully, no hurricanes...*crosses fingers*

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So i'm worried about Kat. Both Alaia and I are majorly concerned about her. Oh that's right, i haven't told you guys. Alaia is a good friend of ours as well. Obviously as Kat has written something of her, you may have heard of her. But yeah, we're both worried about her. I was trying to move my stuff from college park last weekend when a blood-binder demon attacked. I couldn't get to Kat in time....We actually had to call her Ex in the emergency for his help with stabilizing her. But she lost the baby. She's lost one already this year, and we thought six months was long enough for her to get better before trying again. Well, it was going okay, but the attack....started her. She was only a month and a half thankfully, so it wasn't as bad as if she'd been six months or more. So, yeah. Seriously worried.

The only reason Kat was even down there outside of her safety zone was because of me. She is one of the most powerful people but when any one of Magus get pregnant, our powers are restricted. Unless hunted, we tend to hide out and surround ourselves in protective charms or people because we are vulnerable since we can't use magic without knowing if it will harm the baby or not. When Kat started to bleed...we all freaked. Alaia and I, she is our Queen. She is our reason to fight even now when there is no court. I won't discuss Kat, because that is her business. But what happened pisses me off. Kat had been asked to help with the DC area otherkin council as one of the few royals who aren't tethered to an area. I warned her that DC is too demonic for her to handle. But she handled it. It helps when your Ex is as powerful as her's. But now their attacking us and telling us we aren't welcome to help after they pretty much begged her to help. So yeah, they can pretty much go to hell in my opinion. Kat is such a strong person, but she's been through so much and hurt so badly, i'm surprised and proud of her every day. But beyond even what I can stand and I don't know how Kat stands it.

Kat believes in the demons and those that are considered evil. She feels we're misunderstood and not allowed a chance to show who we are. I won't go too deep into what is happening but there's a boatload of bs and such happening. Many of Otherkin are in an uproar over what's going on and we all know the issue. But you mundanes are clueless and right now, we want it that way. Its safer for you guys and safer for us. Right now, the biggest issue is that the Demons won't listen and the rest of the Otherkin don't want to listen anymore. So standstill, impasse moment. FUN.......

I'm always ashamed that I almost told her and Alaia to never bother me again after I merged with Suneal. But i'm glad they stuck to their guns and I will always love Kat the most for always being there to make me smile even when I know she's hurting. Kat, sweetie...we love you. Alaia and I love you so much, and hope that you can tell us what the pain is so we can make it right. Cause nothing fixes hurts better than your sisters killing what did it. <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Experience VS. Learning

So, here's an issue I've noticed happening a lot. Many companies list on their job offerings "experience XXX, or years ????" Is this they're way of shutting out the college kids who haven't worked beyond entry-level jobs if that. Its fairly common to hear in our age group the sentence "So, i wasn't chosen for the job because i don't have any experience" or "its been filled by someone with experience". To me, that just smacks of Ageism.

They claim that our parents generation were the ones who stayed loyal and true to their companies and upheld the loyalty code. BS. It was our grandparents who did so. Our parents job-hopped more than a whore at a flea-bitten motel. And we have suffered because of it. Now that our parents generation is getting up there in years, their looking for the stability they remember their parents having. Well....that has us displaced and scrambling. Most of our parents still job hop when they can. Better hours, more pay, that sort of thing. And because of them, we were taught that company loyalty means nada and that we can always do better. Well this economy has killed that.

We have smacked in the back of the head with our parents job ideology and those same companies want our parents or grandparents because guess what....THEY HAVE EXPERIENCE. Plus i think the retirement thing is playing majorly too. I mean, what company in their right mind wants to pay pension benefits to someone who's worked at a place for 30/40years vs hiring them for less than 30 years...say hit em out the door at 20 to 25yrs. Then they don't have to pay the pension! Its a grand idea for them. But that's fucking us all out of jobs.

Many of us have gone to college and gotten degrees to do those same jobs. But, and here's where i get mad, we get told me we need experience to work in the same field. HOW DO WE DO THAT WITHOUT A JOB? That's what confuses me so. Kat, Isaac, our in point... Kat's friend's husband got told today that the job had been filled with someone who had the experience and that they would see if any other openings came up in any department, they'd toss his name into it. That's a boatload of bs. Kat herself hasn't heard back from a really good sales job opening. Though I'm calling her out on this because she didn't push hard enough. She's got a decent job but she wants one with more security and health benefits.

But seriously. All these companies are dicks about this. Honestly, i am having a hard time holding my temper on this. I'm also being polite. I want to say $#$%#$%@ to them, but at the same time i'm not doing that because I don't need to. WE ALL NEED TO TELL THEM OFF.  Move over Occupy...its time for "FU EXPERIENCE". I'd love to see a ton of young people just sit at companies with signs saying "FU and the experience required!" or "Screw Experience, we want to learn!" "Teach us, and we'll be loyal!"...things like that. So yeah, its not like we don't get the experience but seriously, how much more do we have to say "we want jobs too" before we finally get something?

Sorry for the Absence Guys!

Okay, well, i had to move. It took a bit to find a new place that was easily reachable to the major cities and airports. So i took up residence in Htown with Kat! Not in her house, but there's this beautiful old home i found and I got it at a decent price. Needs some work, but its worth it. I'll have a new entry tomorrow. Its on a topic i think all of us in our generation can agree on though.

Its getting closer to fall and that means..............FALL FESTIVALS.........UGH. We've already seen the candy corn in the stores...must hide! Fall festivals are the bane of our existence. Their everywhere at once! Beware the fall festivals!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

i'm still alive kids

Hey sorry i haven't written in a bit. Its been hell with the storms. I had to move from college park because a tree fell on my place. So, right now i'm bunking with Kat and her sexy hubs while i look for a new place. Figured the safest place for me is with them for now. Contemplating buying a house by them so I'm always close to my sister. Hope everyone else is okay. I know the storms have been hellish for everyone. Will post up more soon when I have a bit more time. I'm working and looking for a home so I'm always busy. Hope you guys had an awesome 4th, we did!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A weekend with Sir

this is truly a journal for you ladies. Today I'm going to tell a tale where all names are left out. Sir is one of my older clients. Not just long running, he's much older than me. As a member of Otherkind, he has a kind of longevity not many of us see (i'm a merged demon...big difference there.) And Sir truly treats me like a princess in public. In the bedroom, I am his equal. Its very hard for me since I merged with Suneal, my demon half. As He's male and generally prefers being in charge in the bedroom, I as the female have to try and compromise with my demon inside (XD pun intended.) Here's one date night for us:

We started at the night at our favorite restaurant in Boston (he's a Bostonian), The Capital Grille (must be fancy, its spelled with an e at the end...*snickers*). They have moved to a new location but its beautiful. We enjoyed our usual Prosciutto Wrapperd Mozzarella with Vine Ripe yummy! Then we got one meal. Sir refuses to eat anything unless I am ordering it. I am his priority in public which is extremely flattering and sometimes a little odd for me. So I ordered Lobster and Crab stuffed Shrimp. Then i purposely ordered him a meal. Oooh, that got me in trouble. I got him his favorite meal, the Dry Aged Steak Au Poivre with Courvoisier Cream Sauce. But he ate it happily even though I knew I was pushing it. He's a true Dom in the strictest sense that when he's with a woman, he is in charge. With me...all rules are thrown out. I'm the only woman he can't bend to his will willingly. So, the game continued. Normally, I would order dessert but I had a little bit more fun for the night with him. I asked him to take me to The Middle East.

Its a restaurant and nightclub. This pretty much garnered a glare. At Middle East, i decided that I had to push it to the extreme and ordered a dessert. You see, Sir has a secret sweet tooth. I ordered the one thing I knew he'd kill to enjoy. Homemade Namura (honey cake). SOOO GOOD. I love Honey Cake, its one of my favs. Plus I have a major Falafel love affair but that is neither here nor there.... There's always music and dancing. After we ate dessert, i dragged Sir out for a few dances. Goddess above, he's a superb dancer and if i could have his babies just for that, I would. Now, I admit, Sir and I are a good match on the dance floor. Its like watching sex without any intercourse. Which is how really good dancers partner. After a few dances, Sir was more than ready to leave. I truly had pushed his buttons. I felt the aggression sizzling through him. Insert insane giggles here cause i wanted that.

Once outside, Sir was all business and his features were stony. Oooh, I was playing with fire when i asked if he wanted to drop me off at my hotel. All i got was growls and glares but then words slipped out that i totally felt were hotter than the desert. "No, and if you keep it up, i may break our only rule of equality, ....." (he knows my real name) Yup, I was totally in for it.

Back to his place we went and oh my, the first thing he did was shove me against the door and kiss me senseless. Sir is a slave/pet trainer for high class clients. But no one knows this as he keeps his identity secret. And let me say that when a Dom lets go and grants equal rights its a thing to be treasured. I honestly can say, he's the only male I think even Suneal would submit to if my demon would admit it. Once the kissing started, there was no going back. Mind you, most Doms will not ever allow the submissive to gain any kind of upper hand, but as he came to me first all those years ago and said "Equality between us only my dear...we both hate bowing to others." and I accepted, He has to let go and allow me my choices. Though secretly, i know that a true Dom is giving their submissive what they crave and beg for, so in essence their giving the sub the upper hand, subs just never really figure it out i think. And the ones that do....they just love the game even more.

So the kissing led my dress being ripped and his shirt buttons finding the floor as their new home and bras and undies being shredded. Nothing says hard and fast like shredded clothes! What truly took me by surprise was he decided to be gentle once we got to the bed. I was....slightly confused but i went with it. Loved every minute of it. I think I may be the only girl he allows to sleep in bed with him and all night. After a few hours of being screwed silly and such, sleep claimed us both. I woke to the smell of chicory coffee (nawlins thing) and beignets with caramel dip and fresh fruit. I told him I think I had died. This totally made him laugh and I haven't seen him so relaxed and carefree in ages. This also came with a large box the size of a dress and let me say, when he buys me a dress, its an immediate try on cause its always topshelf with him. Besides the dress was a trip for new undies and bra. Thankfully, he made the arrangement for my hotel to be canceled and all my stuff brought there. Sneaky Sir is Sneaky....*waggles finger* So I wasn't without clothes for our shopping trip. I was quite content that weekend. What was supposed to be an evening turned into a weekend and since that time two years ago...Sir and I always spend at least one weekend together and relax. Last year was down in Nawlins and it was perfect. So, to Sir I say this. Kiss Kiss Mister.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Battling Bare

So, many of you know i support a lot of things. Well today I am going to let a little poem Kat wrote say it all.

Wounded Warrior

Yea, oh wounded one, we are here
We here your cries and your pleas
We see the sadness and the suffering
And we understand

We are suffering too
We cry when you cry
We beg for peace for thee

We scream at the gods for the madness they bring
We howl in despair at your suffering
We may not have fought
But here at home, we fight for you with you

We suffer with you
Scream when you do
We ask for peace for thee

If you think we don't understand, then your wrong
We understand that the demons don't always stop
And that sounds you hear may not exist for us
But we know that their there for you

We ask for your pain
We ask so you may sleep
We do it so you are at peace

Lift up your head and know
We are here no matter what
We love you, wounded warrior

Please, everyone; I urge you to support the troops and the veterans no matter what country your in. Kat is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and almost married a man from the army (personal reasons why they broke up, had nothing to do with the military). She will be the first to tell you that it doesn't matter if their active or its been years, PTSD which is combat related is hard on the soldier and their family. Please, check out Battling Bare and the other sites they support. Also, if you would like other ways to support your troops, look up Military SOS as well.

Note: The above poem was written by Kiri Minney, the owner of this character and this blog. Please let me know if you wish to put it up on your webpage or for anything else.
Oh and small note again: This also goes out to all of Otherkind and their warriors! =^.^=